Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Thames Festival 2010

After a very long time and after a very busy schedule(?) I made it last weekend. The reason is Thames festival. It happens once in a year in September on a weekend. The whole weekend is fun filled and of course with lot of events. For more, follow this link.

If you ask me my interests in photo shooting, I am sure, I will put night photography on top. The reason is not that I am good at it, its just because I've shot more in the nights. But ever since I purchased my SLR, I've been struggling shooting fireworks and of course I am still struggling with it. Lots to learn.


Manu said...


I love to view shadow pictures and more love to view fireworks shadow pictures. :-)

புன்னகை said...

As usual, loved it! நீண்ட இடைவேளைக்குப் பிறகு இப்படி இல்ல? ரொம்ப சந்தோஷமா இருக்கு! :-)

கார்க்கி said...

எங்க தலைவர் சிவகாசியை படம் எடுத்து பயிற்சி பெறலாமே :))

சந்தி(ப்)பிழை said...

Gud that u r back .. I just started this weekend since i landed here in AR, US last month ..

I suppose u used ur tripod, as there are more details in the fireworks. But surprisingly less details with the Big Ben. Mabbe a smaller aperture wud've helped u underexpose and bring out more details ..

~ Sankar

Truth said...

@Manu, புன்னகை, கார்க்கி,

Thanks :)

Aperture was F22 man. But I get your point. I think I must go again on a silent day.


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