Thursday, 10 July 2008

July - 2008 - Night Photography - PIT

HDR with AEB -2, 0, +2


Sathiya said...

Excellent shot! Great details.

CVR said...

The clouds are awesome and your effort to get the exposure right is really commendable!
But personally i find the composition incomplete!
The horizon placed right in the center is a big no-no. Also i feel that there should have been more of the city below!! cropping with the bridge makes it look plain and incomplete!
I am reminded of your entry to the topic wheel!! The wheel you shot was an awesome night shot with really impressive technique but it quite didnt make it due to composition!
Sorry for commenting here ,coz i dont have your email id!

::Truth - The Other Side Though:: said...

True, CVR. I failed in cropping. It's because the trial version of the software that I use for HDR marks some text at the bottom, so I had to crop them out missing some more city. In fact I thought I must go with the text at the bottom, as it was very evident that cropping made my photo bad. I didnt knew abt the s/w when I shot this. Now, knowing the s/w better I made it a point that I give some extra space at the bottom so that I can remove them out.

::Truth - The Other Side Though:: said...

Thanks Sathiya and CVR for the comments.

ப்ரியா said...

great work with the camera.
thanks to have visited me.


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